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A collection of wonderful pictures of funny cats and kittens.

Kitten Hugs

Kitten Hugs: I love my little pussy . . .



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A funny joke to aMeows you . . .

AACtAlter All CommandsAADtAlter All DataAAOtAdd And OverflowAARtAlter At RandomABtAdd BackwardsABCtAlphaBetize CodeABRtAdd Beyond RangeACCtAdvance CPU ClockACDCtAllow Controller to Delete ContentsACDPtAllow Controller to Die PeacefullyACQTtAdvance Clock to Quitting TimeADBtAnother Dumb BugAEEtAbsolve Engineering ErrorsAFFtAdd Fudge FactorAFHBtAlign Fullword on Halfword BoundaryAFPtAbnormalize Floating PointAFRtAbort Funny RoutineAFVCtAdd Finagle"s Variable ConstantAGBtAdd GarBageAGWAtAdd and Get Wrong AnswerAItAdd ImproperAIBtAttack Innocent BystanderAIBtAttack Innocent BystandersAISGtAccess and Improve Student GradeAMMtAdd Mayo and MustardAMMtAnswer My MailAMStAdd Memory to SystemANCtANnoy ConsultantAOItAnnoy Operator ImmediateARtAdvance RudelyARtAlter RealityARNtAdd and Reset to Non-zeroARNtAdd and Reset to NonzeroARZtAdd and Reset to ZeroAStAdd SidewaysASQGSAtASCII Stupid Question, Get a Stupid ANSIATtAccumulate TriviaAWPtArgue With ProgrammerAWTTtAssemble With Tinker ToysBAtBranch AnywhereBACtBranch to Alpha CentauriBADtBranch And DieBADtBranch to Auto DestructBAFtBlow All FusesBAHtBranch And HangBALCtBranch And Link CheeseburgerBAPtBranch And PuntBAWtBells And WhistlesBBtBranch on BugBBBBtByte Baudy Bit and BranchBBBFtBranch on Bit Bucket FullBBDtBranch on Bastille DayBBItBranch on Burned-out IndicatorBBILtBranch on Burned-out Indicator LightBBLBtBranch on Blinking Light BulbBBTtBranch on Binary TreeBBWtBranch Both WaysBCBtBurp and Clear BytesBCFtBranch on Chip box FullBCILtBranch Creating Infinite LoopBCRtBackspace Card ReaderBCStBranch and Crash SystemBCUtBe Cruel and UnusualBDtBackspace DiskBDtBranch to DataBDCtBreak Down and CryBDItBranch to Data IndirectBDMtBranch and Disconnect MemoryBDTtBurn Data TreeBDUtBranch on Dense UserBEtBranch EverywhereBEWtBranch Either WayBFtBelch FireBFtBlow FuseBFtBranch ForeverBFDtBranch on Full DiskBFFtBranch and Form FeedBFMtBe Fruitful and MultiplyBHtBranch and HangBIRtBranch Inside RanchBIRMtBranch on Index Register MissingBLCtBranch and Loop ContinuousBLItBranch and Loop InfiniteBLMtBranch, Like, MaybeBLMWMtBranch, Like, Maybe, Wow, ManBLPtBoot from Line PrinterBLRtBranch and Lose ReturnBLSHtBuy Low, Sell HighBLTtBreak Little ThingBMtBranch MaybeBMItBlow up Memory ImmediateBMItBranch on Missing IndexBMItBranch to Muncee ImmediateBMPtBranch and Make PopcornBMRtBranch Multiple RegistersBMUStBeam Me Up, ScottyBNAtBranch to Nonexistant AddressBNCBtBranch and Never Come BackBNLtBecome a Neo-LudditeBNRtBranch for No ReasonBOBtBranch On BugBODtBeat On DiskBODtBranch on Operator DesperateBOHtBranch On HumidityBOHtBranch on Operator HighBOHPtBribe Operator for Higher PriorityBOItByte Operator ImmediatelyBOPtBoot OPeratorBOTtBranch On TreeBPBtBranch on Program BugBPDItBe Polite, Don"t InterruptBPIMtBury Programmer In ManualsBPLtBranch PLeaseBPMtBecome a Psych MajorBPOtBranch on Power OffBPOtBranch on Power OnBPPtBranch and Pull the PlugBRtByte and RunBRAtBranch to Random AddressBRBtBRanch on BeaverBRHtBRanch and HangBRItBRanch IndefinitelyBRLtBRanch and LeakBROtBRanch and OverheatBROtBRanch to OblivionBStBehave StrangelyBSCtBranch on Second ComingBSCtBurst Selector ChannelBSDtBackSpace DiskBSItBack up Sewer ImmediateBSItBackup Sewer ImmediatelyBSMtBranch and Scramble MemoryBSOtBranch on Sleepy OperatorBSPtBackSpace PunchBSRtBranch and Stomp RegistersBSStBranch on SunSpotBSSTtBackSpace and Stretch TapeBTDtBranch on Time of DayBTDtByte The DustBTItBlow Trumpet ImmediatelyBTJtBranch and Turn JapaneseBTOtBranch To OblivionBTWtBranch on Third WednesdayBUtBranch UnexpectedlyBUTItBlow Up Terminal ImmediatelyBVStBranch and Veer SouthBWtBranch on WhimBWCtBranch When ConvenientBWFtBusy, Wait ForeverBWOPtBeWilder OPeratorBYDStBeware Your Dark SideBYTEtBYte TEstCACtCalling All CarsCACtCash And CarryCAFtConvert ASCII to FarsiiCAItCorrupt Accounting InformationCAILtCrash After I LeaveCARtCancel Accounts ReceivableCATtConfused And TiredCBtConsult BozoCBAtCompare and Branch AnywayCBBRtCrash and Blow Boot Read-only memoryCBNCtClose, But No CigarCBStClobber BootStrapCCtCall CalveryCCtCompliment CoreCCBtChocolate Chip Byte-modeCCBtConsult Crystal BallCCCtCrash if Carry ClearCCCPtConditionally Corrupt Current ProcessCCDtChoke Cough and DieCCDtClear Core and DumpCCRtChange Channels at RandomCCStChinese Character SetCCWRtChange Color of Write RingCDtComplement DiskCDCtClear Disk and CrashCDCtClose Disk CoverCDIOOAZtCalm Down, It"s Only Ones And ZeroesCDStChange Disk SpeedCEMUtClose Eyes and Monkey with User spaceCEXtCall EXterminatorCFtCome From [replaces goto]CFEtCall Field EngineerCFPtChange and Forget PasswordCFStCorrupt File StructureCGtConvert to GarbageCHtCreate HavocCHCJtCompare Haig to Christine JorgensenCHPAMRtCHase Pointers Around Machine RoomCHSEtCompare Half-words and Swap if EqualCIBtChange Important ByteCICtCash In ChipsCIDtCompare and Ignore DataCIMMtCreate Imaginary Memory MapCIZtClear If ZeroCLBRtCLoBber RegisterCLBRItCLoBber Register ImmediateCMtCirculate MemoryCMDtCPU Melt DownCMDtCompare Meaningless DataCMItClobber Monitor ImmediateCMLtCompute Meaning of LifeCMPtCreate Memory ProsthesisCMStClick MicroSwitchCNtCompare NonsensicallyCNBtCause Nervous BreakdownCNStCall Nonexistent SubroutineCOCStCopy Object Code to SourceCODtCrash On DemandCOLBtCrash for Operator"s Lunch BreakCOMtClear Operator"s MindCOMFtCOMe FromCONtCall Operator NowCOStCopy Object code to Source fileCOWYHUtCome Out With Your Hands UpCPtCompliment ProgrammerCP%FKMtCPU (em FlaKeout ModeCP%WMtCPU (em Weird ModeCPBtCreate Program BugCPNtCall Programmer NamesCPPRtCrumple Printer Paper and RipCRASHtContinue Running After Stop or HaltCRBtCRash and BurnCRDtConfirm Rumor by DenialCRMtCReate MemoryCRMtClear Random MemoryCRNtCompare with Random NumberCRNtConvert to Roman NumeralsCRYPTtreCuRsive encrYPt TapeCStCrash SystemCSLtCurse and Swear LoudlyCSNtCall Supervisor NamesCSNIOtCrash System on Next I/OCSStCrash Subsidiary SystemsCSUtCall Self UnconditionalCTDMRtChange Tape Density, Mid RecordCTTtCall Time and TemperatureCUtConvert to UnaryCUCtCheat Until CaughtCVFLtConVert Floating to LogicalCVFPtConVert Fortran to PascalCVGtConVert to GarbageCVUtConVert to UnaryCWAHtCreate Woman And HoldCWBtCarry With BorrowCWDCtCut Wires and Drop CoreCWGtChase Wild GooseCWGKtCompare Watt to Genghis KhanCWITtCompare Watt to Ivan the TerribleCWMtCompare Watt to MussoliniCWOMtComplement Write-Only MemoryCZZCtConvert Zone to Zip CodeDAtDevelop AmnesiaDABtDelete All BugsDACtDivide And ConquerDADtDestroy A-DiskDAOtDivide And OverflowDAPtDe-select Active PeripheralDAUFtDelete All Useless FilesDBtDrop BitsDBLtDesegregate Bus LinesDBRtDeBase RegisterDBTPtDrop Back Ten and PuntDBZtDivide By ZeroDCtDegauss CoreDCtDivide and ConquerDCADtDump Core And DieDCDtDrop Cards DoubleDCGCtDump Confusing Garbage to ConsoleDCItDisk Crash ImmediateDCONtDisable CONsleDCRtDouble-precision CRashDCTtDrop Cards TripleDDtDestroy DiskDDtDrop DiskDDCtDally During CalculationsDDOAtDrop Dead On AnswerDDStDelaminate Disk SurfaceDDTtDebug ProgramDDWBtDeposit Directly in Waste BasketDEBtDisk Eject BothDECtDecompile Executable CodeDEItDisk Eject ImmediateDEMtDisk Eject MemoryDFAtDisable FAnsDGOtDecrement the Grades of OthersDGTtDispense Gin and TonicDHTPLtDisk Head Three Point LandingDIAtDevelop Ineffective AddressDICEtDelete Invalid Customer EngineerDIEtDIsable EverythingDIFtDIsable FusesDIGtDIsable GravityDIHtDisable Interrupts and HangDIRFOtDo It Right For OnceDISCtDISmount CPUDKtDestroy KlingonsDKPtDisavow Knowledge of ProgrammerDLNtDon"t Look NowDLPtDrain Literal PoolDMAGtDo MAGicDMNStDo what i Mean, Not what i SayDMPtDestroy Memory Protect keyDMPEtDecide to Major in Phys. Ed. DMPKtDestroy Memory Protect KeyDMZtDivide Memory by ZeroDNDtDestroy Neighbor"s DataDNPGtDo Not Pass GoDOtDivide and OverflowDOtDivide and Overflow [IBM PC]DOCtDrive Operator CrazyDOVtDivide and OVerflowDPtDestroy PeripheralsDPCtDecrement Program CounterDPCStDecrement Program Counter SecretlyDPKtDestroy storage Protect KeyDPMItDeclare Programmer Mentally IncompetentDPNtDouble Precision No-opDPRtDestroy PRogramDPStDisable Power SupplyDRtDetach RootDRAFtDRAw FlowchartDRAMtDecrement RAMDRBAtDeposit Round-off in my Bank AccountDRDtDRop DeadDRItDisable Random InterruptDROMtDestroy ROMDRTtDisconnect Random TerminalDStDeadlock SystemDSDtDismount System DiskDSItDo Something InterestingDSOtDisable System OperatorDSPtDegrade System PerformanceDSRtDetonate Status RegisterDSTDtDo Something Totally DifferentDSUITtDo Something Utterly, Indescribably TerribleDT%FFPtDecTape (em unload and Flappa FlaPDT%SHOtDecTape (em Spin Hubs OppositeDTBtDestructively Test BitDTCtDestroy This CommandDTEtDecrement Telephone ExtensionDTItDo The ImpossibleDTRTtDo The Right ThingDTVFLtDestroy Third Variable From LeftDUtDump UserDUDtDo Until DeadDWtDestroy WorldDWIMtDo What I MeanDWITtDo What I"m ThinkingDWIWtDo What I WantEAtEnable AnythingEACtEmulate Acoustic CouplerEALtEnable AC to Logic rackEAOtEnable AC to OperatorEBBtEdit and Blank BufferEBBtEmpty Bit BucketEBRtErase Before ReadingEBRStEmit Burnt Resistor SmellECtEat CardECFtExplode and Catch FireECLtEarly Care LaceECOtElectrocute Computer OperatorECPtErase Card PunchEDtEject DiskEDtExecute DataEDDtEat Disk and DieEDITtErase Data and Increment TimeEDPtEmulate Debugged ProgramEDRtEmit Deadly RadiationEDRtExecute Destructive ReadEDStExecute Data SegmentEEOIFNOtExecute Every Other Instruction From Now OnEEPtErase Entire ProgramEFBtEmulate Five-volt BatteryEFDtEject Floppy DiskEFDtEmulate Frisbee using Disk packEFEtEmulate Fatal ErrorEHCtEmulate Headless ChickenEIAtElvis Is AliveEIAOtExecute In Any OrderEIOtErase I/O pageEIOtExecute Invalid Op-codeEIOtExecute Invalid OpcodeEIOCtExecute Invalid Op-CodeEJDtEJect DiskEJD%VtEJect Disk (em with initial velocity VELPtEnter Loop PermenantlyEMtEMulate 407EMtEvacuate MemoryEMIFtErase Most Important FileEMMtEmulate More MemoryEMPCtEMulate Pocket CalculatorEMSEtEdit and Mark Something ElseEMSLtEntire Memory Shift LeftEMTtElectrocute Maintenance TechnicianEMWtEmulate Maytag WasherENAtENable AnythingENEtENable EverythingENDtErase Neighbor"s DataENFtEmit Noxious FumesENGtENable GravityENOtEmulate No-OpEOtElectrocute OperatorEOBtExecute Operator and BranchEOItExplode On InterruptEOStErase Operating SystemEPtExecute ProgrammerEPDtExplode Peripheral DeviceEPItExecute Programmer ImmediateEPITStExecute Previous Instruction Then SkipEPLtEmulate Phone LineEPPtEject Printer PaperEPStElectrostatic Print and SmearEPStExecute Program SidewaysEPSWtExecute Program Status WordEPTtErase Process TableEPTtErase Punched TapeERICtEject Random Integrated CircuitERMtErase Reserved MemoryEROMtErase Read-Only MemoryEROStErase Read-Only StorageEROStErase Read-Only Storage [Everex int]ERStErase Read-only StorageESBtEject Selectric BallESCtEmulate System CrashESDtEject Spinning DishESLtExceed Speed of LightESPtEnable SPrinkler systemETItExecute This InstructionETMtEmulate Trinary MachineETPHtE. T. Phone HomeEVCtExecute Verbal CommandsEWDtEnter Warp DriveEWMtEnter Whimsy ModeEXBtEXcrement and BranchEXEtEXecute EngineerEXItEXecute Invalid operationEXOtEXecute OperatorEXOPtEXecute OPeratorEXPtEXecute ProgrammerEXPPtEXecute Political PrisonerFAYtFetch Amulet of YendorFBtFind BugsFCtFry ConsoleFCJtFeed Card and JamFCJtFeed Cards and JamFDtForget DataFDRtFeed Disk RandomlyFERAtForms Eject and Run AwayFFFtForm Feed ForeverFLDtFLing DiskFLItFlash Lights ImpressivelyFMtForget MemoryFMPtFinish My ProgramFOPCtFalse Out-of-Paper ConditionFPCtFeed Paper ContinuouslyFPTtFire Photon TorpedoesFRGtFill with Random GarbageFRStFetch Ring of SauronFStFeign SleepFSMtFold, Spindle, and MutilateFSRtForm Skip and RunawayFSRAtForms Skip and Run AwayFYBRtFollow Yellow Brick RoadGAPtGrade All ProjectsGBBtGo to Back of BusGCARtGet Correct Answer RegardlessGCRtGenerate Confusing ResultsGDPtGrin Defiantly at ProgrammerGDRtGrab Degree and RunGENTtGENerate ThesisGEW{JO}tGo to the End of the World {Jump Off}GFDtGo Forth and DivideGFMtGo Forth and MultiplyGIEtGenerate Irreversible ErrorGLtGet LostGLCtGenerate Lewd CommentGMCtGenerate Machine CheckGMCCtGenerate Machine Check and CashGNDtGuess at Next DigitGORStGO Real SlowGPCRtGenerate Petty Cache RequestGRtGet RealGREMtGenerate Random Error MessageGREPtGlobal Ruin, Expiration, and PurgationGRMCtGenerate Rubber Machine CheckGStGet StrangeGSBtGulp and Store BytesGSItGenerate Spurious InterruptsGSUtGeometric Shift UpGTJtGo To JailHACtHold All CallsHACFtHalt And Catch FireHAHtHalt And HangHBWtHang Bus and WaitHCFtHalt and Catch FireHCPtHide Central ProcessorHCRStHang in CRitical SectionHDHtHi Dee HoHDOtHalt and Disable OperatorHDRWtHalt and Display Random WordHELPtHinder Everyone with Little ProductivityHELPtType "No Help Available"HEOtHalt and Execute OperatorHFtHide FileHGDtHalt, Get DrunkHHBtHalt and Hang BusHIStHalt in Imposible StateHOOtHide Operator"s OutputHRPRtHang up and Ruin Printer RibbonHSCtHalt on System CrashHSJtHalt, Skip and JumpHTCtHalt and Toss CookiesHTStHalt and Throw SparksHUALtHalt Until After LunchHUPtHang Up PhoneHWPtHalt Without ProvocationIAtIllocical AndIAEtIgnore All ExceptionsIAItInquire And IgnoreIANDtIllogical ANDIARtIgnore All RequestsIBtInsert BugIBMtIncrement and Branch to MunceeIBPtInsert Bug and ProceedIBRtInsert Bugs at RandomICBtInterrupt, Crash and BurnICMtImmerse Central MemoryICMDtInitiate Core Melt DownICRtIncur Costly Repair [Sun Tempest]ICSPtInvert Crt Screen PictureIDCtInitiate Destruct CommandIDItInvoke Divine InterventionIDNOPtInDirect No-OPIDPStIgnore Disk Protect SwitchIEOFtIgnore End Of FileIFtInvoke ForceIGItIncrement Grade ImmediateIGITtIncrement Grade Immediate TwiceIGOtIncrement Grade OvernightIHCtInitiate Head CrashIHTFPtIncrement Hormones, Test For PubertyIItInquire and IgnoreIIBtIgnore Inquiry and BranchIICtInsert Invisible CharactersIILtIrreversable Infinite LoopIMtImagine MemoryIMBPtInsert Mistake and Blame ProgrammerIMPtImitate Monty PythonIMPGtIMPress GirlfriendIMVtIMpress VisitorsINCAMtINCrement Arbitrary MemoryINGtINquire and iGnoreINItIgnore Next InstructionINOPtIndirect No-OPINRtINstigate RumorINWtINvalidate WarrantyIOItIgnore Operator"s InstructionIORtIllogical ORIOStIgnore Operating SystemIPtIncrement and PrayIPItIgnore Previous InstructionIPMtIgnore Programmer"s MistakesIPOPtInterrupt Processor, Order PizzaIPStIncinerate Power SupplyIPStIncrement Power SupplyIPTtIgnite Paper TapeIRBtInvert Record and BranchIRBItInsert Random Bits IndexedIRCtInsert Random CommandsIREtInsert Random ErrorsIRItIgnore Rude InterruptsIRPFtInfinite Recursive Page FaultISCtIgnore Supervisor CallsISCtIgnore System CrashISCtInsert Sarcastic CommentsISItIncrement and Skip on InifinityISPtIncrement and Skip on PiISTKtInvert STacKITMLtInitiate Termites into Macro LibraryIUtIgnore User[s]IXORtIllogical eXclusive ORIZtIgnore ZeroesJAAtJump Almost AlwaysJBStJump and Blow StackJCItJump to Current InstructionJFMtJump on Full MoonJHRBtJump to H&R BlockJLPtJump and Lose PointerJLRtJump and Lose ReturnJMATtJuMp on Alternate ThursdaysJNtJump to NowhereJNLtJump when programmer is Not LookingJOBtJump On BeaverJOMtJump Out of MemoryJOMtJump Over MoonJOPtJump OPeratorJPAtJump when Pizza ArrivesJRANtJump RANdomJRCFtJump Relative and Catch FireJRGAtJump Relative and Get ArrestedJRLtJump to Random LocationJRSRtJump to Random SubRoutineJSCtJump on System CrashJSORtJump Somewhere Over RainbowJSUtJump Self UnconditionalJTtJump if TuesdayJTTtJump and Tangle TapeJTZtJump to Twilight ZoneJWNtJump When NecessaryKCEtKill Consultant on ErrorKCEtKill repairman [CE]KDOtKnock Disk OverKEPITUtKill Every Process In The UniverseKOPtKill OPeratorKPtKrunch PaperKPRtKill PRogrammerKSRtKeyboard Shift RightKUDtKill User"s DataKWWEtKill Wicked Witch of EastKWWWtKill Wicked Witch of WestLACtLose All CommunicationLAGWtLoad And Go WrongLAPtLaugh At ProgramLAPtLaugh At ProgrammerLCCtLoad and Clear CoreLCDtLaunch Cartridge DiskLCKtLock Console KeyswitchLEBtLink Edit BackwardsLIAtLoad Ineffective AddressLMBtLose Message and BranchLMOtLoad and Mug OperatorLMYBtLogical MaYBeLNtLose inode NumberLNPtLoad N digits of PiLOSMtLog Off System ManagerLP%PAStLine Printer (em Print And SmearLP%RDDtLine Printer (em Reverse Drum DirectionLP%TCRtLine Printer (em Tangle and Chew RibbonLPAtLead Programmer AstrayLPRTCtLoad Program counter from Real Time ClockLRtLoad RevolverLRAtLoad RetroActivelyLRBtLose Record and BranchLRDtLoad Random DataLSPSWtLoad and Scramble PSWLTStLink To SputnikLTStLoop Till SmokesLUMtLUbricate MemoryLWEtLoad WhatEverLWMtLoad Write-only MemoryMABtMelt Address BusMANtMake Animal NoisesMAZtMultiply Answer by ZeroMBCtMake Batch ConfettiMBFtMultiply and Be FruitfulMBHtMemory Bank Hold-upMBTDtMount Beatles on Tape DriveMBTOLtMove Bug To Operator"s LunchMCtMove ContinuousMDtMove DeviousMDBtMove and Drop BitsMDCtMake Disk CrashMDDHAFtMake Disk Drive Hop Across FloorMFOtMount Female OperatorMILItMove It or Lose ItMLBtMemory Left shift and BranchMLPtMake Lousy ProgramMLPtMultiply and Lose PrecisionMLRtMove and Lose RecordMMFtMelt Main FrameMMLGtMake Me Look GoodMNItMisread Next InstructionMOGtMake Operator GrowlMOPtModify Operator"s PersonalityMPLPtMake Pretty Light PatternMRZtMake Random ZapMSGDtMake Screen Go DimMSPtMistake Sign for ParityMSPItMake Sure Plugged InMSRtMelt Special RegisterMSTtMount Scotch TapeMTEtMangle Tape on ExitMTItMake Tape InvalidMUGtMake Ugly GraphicsMUMtMulti-Use MnemonicsMWtMalfunction WheneverMWtMultiply WorkMWCtMove and Wrap CoreMWTtMalfunction Without TellingNBCtNegate By ClearingNCWtNotch Carriage and WayNMItNegate Most IntegersNOPtNeedlessly Omit PointerNPCtNormalize Program CounterNPNtNo Program Necessary [VAX]NTGHtNot Tonight, i"ve Got a HeadacheOBBtOverflow Bit BucketOCFtOpen Circular FileOMCtObscene Message to ConsoleOMCtOverheat Memory ChipOMLtObey Murphy"s LawsOPItOrder Pizza ImmediatelyOPPtOrder Pizza for ProgrammerOSItOverflow Stack ImmediateOSItOverflow Stack IndefiniteOSPtOpen Six-PackOTLtOut To LunchOUtOffend UserP$*!tPunch ObscenityPAtPunch in ASCIIPALtPack And LeavePAStPrint And SmearPAUDtPAUse DramaticallyPAZtPack Alpha ZonePAZtPack Alpha and drop ZonesPBCtPrint and Break ChainPBDtPrint and Break DrumPBLtPack Bags and LeavePBMtPop Bubble MemoryPBPBPBPtPlace Backup in Plain Brown Paper Bag PleasePBSTtPlay Batch mode Star TrekPCBtPause for Coffee BreakPCDtPunCh DiskPCItPleat Cards ImmediatePCRtPrint and Cut RibbonPCStPush to Centre of StackPDtPlay DeadPDtPunch DiskPDLDtPower Down and Lock Door [to computer room]PDSKtPunch DiSKPEHCtPunch Extra Holes in CardsPEPtPrint on Edge of PaperPFDtPunt on Fourth DownPFEtPrint Floating EyePFMLtPrint Four Million LinesPGtPrint GarbagePHOtPull Hair OutPItPunch InvalidPIBMtPretend to be an IBMPICtPrint Illegible CharactersPICtPrint Invalid CharacterPICtPunch Invalid CharacterPLSCtPerform Light Show on ConsolePNIHtPlace Needle In HaystackPNRPtPrint Nasty Replies to ProgrammerPOtPunch OperatorPOCLtPunch Out Console LightsPOGtPrint Only GreekPOPtPop Or PushPOPItPunch OPerator ImmediatePOPNtPunch OPerator"s NosePPAtPrint Paper AirplanesPPCtPurge Pascal Compiler [HP 3000]PPLtPerform Perpetual LoopPPPtPrint Programmer"s PicturePPRtPlay Punk RockPPSWtPack Program Status WordPPSWtPack Progran Status WordPRStPRint and SmearPSPtPrint and Shred PaperPSRtPrint and Shred RibbonPTPtProduce Toilet PaperPUOtPerform Unknown OperationPVLCtPunch Variable Length CardPWPtPrint Without PaperPWStcreate PoWer SurgePYStProgram YourSelfQBDHtQuit and Become a DeadHeadQWYAtQuit While Your AheadRAtRandomize AnswerRAMtRandomly Access MemoryRAMtRead Ambiguous MemoryRANtRANdom opcode [similar to 16-bit what gate]RASCtRead And Shred CardRASTtRead And Shred TapeRAUtRidicule All UsersRBAOtRing Bell and Annoy OperatorRBLYtRestore Back-up from Last YearRBTtRead Blank TapeRBTtRewind and Break TapeRCtRewind CoreRCAJtRead Card And JamRCBtRead Command BackwardsRCBtRun Clock BackwardsRCCtRead Card and ChewRCCPtRandomly Corrupt Current ProcessRCFtRewind Cabinet FansRCKGtRead Count Key and GarbageRCLtRotate Carry LeftRCPtReschedule Car PaymentsRCRtRewind Card ReaderRCRVtRandomly Convert to Reverse VideoRCStRead Card and Scramble dataRCSDtRead Card and Scramble DataRDtRandomize DataRDtReverse DirectionsRDAtRefuse to Disclose AnswerRDBtReplace Database with BlanksRDBtRun Disk BackwardsRDDtReverse Disk DriveRDDBFtRock Disk Drive Back and ForthRDEBtRead and Drop Even number of BitsRDFtRandomize Directory FilenamesRDItReverse Drum ImmediateRDItReverse Drun ImmediateRDItRewind Disk ImmediateRDRtReverse Disk RotationRDStReaD SidewaysRENVRtREName Variables RandomlyRETtRead and Erase TapeRFtRead FingerprintsRGtRecord GarbageRHNEZtRandomize and Halt if Not Equal to ZeroRHOtRandomize and Hold all OutputRICtRotate Illogical thru CarryRIDtRead Invalid DataRIGtRead Inter-record GapRIOPtRotate I/O PortsRIRtRead Invalid RecordRIRGtRead Inter-Record GapRJEtReturn Jump and ExplodeRLCtRelocate and Lose CoreRLCtReread Last CardRLCtRotate Left with CarolynRLItRotate Left IndefinitelyRLPtRefill Light PenRLPtRewind Line PrinterRMtRuin My filesRMItRandomize Memory ImmediateRMMtRead Manager"s MindRMTtReMove TrapRMVtRemove Memory VirtuesRNtRead NoiseRNBStReflect Next Bus SignalRNRtRead Noise RecordROCtRandomize Op CodesROCtRotate Outward from CenterRODtROtate DiagonallyROMtRead Operator"s MindROOtRub Out OperatorROOPtRun Out Of PaperROPFtRead Other People"s FilesROStReject Operating SystemROStReturn On ShieldRPtRead PrinterRPBtRaise Parity BitsRPBtRead Print and BlushRPBtReverse Parity and BranchRPBRtReverse Parity and BRanchRPCtRotate Program CounterRPMtRead Programmer"s MindRPUtRead character and Print UpsidedownRRCtRotate Random thru CarryRRRtRandomly Rotate RegisterRRRtRead Record and Run awayRRRtRead Record and Run-awayRRRLtRandom Rotate Register LeftRRRRtRandom Rotate Register RightRRSTCtReturn on Ruby Slippers Triple-ClickRRTtRecord and Rip TapeRStRandom SlewRSDton Read error Self-DestructRSTtRewind and Stretch TapeRSTOMtRead from STore-Only MemoryRTtReduce ThroughputRTPtReduce ThroughPutRTStReturn To SenderRVACtReturn from VACationRWCtReWind and Crash headsRWCRtReWind Card ReaderRWDtReWind DiskRWEtRun Without ErrorRWFtRead Wrong FileRWTtRead/Write while stretching TapeSAtStore AnywhereSADtSearch And DestroySAItSkip All InstructionsSAKtSnooze At KeyboardSAStShow Appendix ScarSAStSit And SpinSBEtSwap Bits ErraticallySBFtSkip on Bitbucket FullSCtScramble ChannelsSCtShred CardsSCBtSpindle Card and BelchSCCAtShort Circuit on Correct AnswerSCDtShuffle and Cut DecSCHtSlit Cards HorizontalSCItShred Cards ImmediateSCMtSet for Crash ModeSCOMtSet Cobol-Only ModeSCPtSCatter PrinterSCRRCtSCRamble Register ContentsSCSTtSwitch Channel to Star TrekSCTRtStick Card To ReaderSDtScramble DirectorySDtSlip DiskSDCtSpool Disk to ConsoleSDDtSeek and Destroy DataSDDtSpin Disk DrySDDBtSnap Disk Drive BeltSDEtSolve Differential EquationsSDItSelf Destruct ImmediateSDMtSearch and Destroy MemorySDRtSlam Down Rondo [worst soda ever made]SEBtStop Eating and BurpSEOBtSet Every Other BitSESURtSing Elvis Songs Until he ReturnsSEXtSet EXecution registerSEXtSign EXtendSFHtSet Flags to Half-mastSFPtSend For PizzaSFRtSend For ReinforcementsSFTtStall For TimeSFTTtStrip Form Tractor TeethSHABtSHift A BitSHABMtSHift A Bit MoreSHBtStop and Hang BusSHCDtSHuffle Card DeckSHONtSimulate HONeywell CPU [permanent no-op]SHRtSHift RandomSHRCtSHRed CardSHRTtSHRed TapeSIDtSwitch to Infinite DensitySIPtStore Indefinite PrecisionSJVtScramble Jump VectorsSLPtSharpen Light PenSMCtScramble Memory ContentsSMDtSpontaneous Memory DumpSMRtSkip on Meaningless ResultSMStShred Mylar SurfaceSNARFtSystem Normalize And Reset FlagsSNMtShow No MercySNOtSend Nukes on OverflowSOAWPtSOlve All the World"d ProblemsSOBtStew On BrewSODtSurrender Or DieSOLtShift On LowSOPtStop and Order PizzaSOStSign Off, StupidSOTtSit On a TackSPtScatter PrintSPAtSliding Point ArithmeticSPBtSimulate Peanut ButterSPDtSPin DiskSPStSet Panel SwitchesSPSWtScramble Program Status WordSQPWYCtSit Quietly and Play With Your CrayonsSRBOtSet Random Bits to OnesSRBZtSet Random Bits to ZeroesSRCtSelect Random ChannelSRCtSelect Reader and Chew cardsSRCCtSelect Reader and Chew CardsSRDtSwitch to Random DensitySRDRtShift Right Double RidiculousSROtSort with Random OrderingSROStStore in Read-Only StorageSRRtShift Registers RandomSRSDtSeek Record and Scar DiskSRSDtSeek Record and Scratch DiskSRTCtStop Real-Time ClockSRUtSignoff Random UserSRZtSubtract and Reset to ZeroSSBtScramble Status ByteSSDtScratch System DiskSSDtStacker Select DiskSSDtStop and Scratch Disk [3815]SSJtSelect Stacker and JamSSJPtSelect Stacker and JumPSSMtSolve by Supernatural MeansSSMtStacker Select MemorySSPtSeek SPindleSSPtSmoke and SParkSSTtSeek and Stretch TapeSSWtScramble Status WordSTtSet and TestSTAtSTore AnywhereSTCtSlow To a CrawlSTDtStop, Take DrugsSTMtSTretch MagtapeSTMtSkip on Third MondaySTOtStrangle Tape OperatorSTPRtSToP RainSTRIKEtSTRIKE for more pay, better hours, etc. STROMtSTore in Read-Only MemorySTTHBtSet Terminal to Three Hundred BaudSUIQtSubtract User"s IQSUMEtSUprise MESUPtShred User PrintoutSUPtSolve Unsolvable ProblemSUStStop Until SpringSUStSubtract Until SenselessSWATtSWAp TerminalsSWNtSWap NibblesSWOStStore in Write-Only StorageSWStSort to Wrong SlotsSWTtSelect Wrong TerminalSWUtSelect Wrong UnitSWZNtSkip Whether Zero or NotSZDtSwitch to Zero DensityTAHtTake A HikeTAItTrap Absurd InputsTARCtTake Arithmetic Review CourseTBFTGtTwo Burgers and Fries To GoTCtTransmit ColorsTDBtTransfer and Drop BitsTDRBtTest and Destroy Random BitsTDStTrash Data SegmentTETtTriple Execution Time [SUN]TLNFtTeach me a Lesson i"ll Never ForgetTLOtTurn indicator Lights OffTLWtTransfer and Lose WayTNtTake a NapTOACtTurn Off Air ConditionerTOGtTake Out GarbageTOGtTime Out, GraduateTOHtTake Operator HostageTOOtTurn On/off OperatorTOPtTrap OPeratorTOStTrash Operating SystemTOWtTake Over WorldTPDtTerminal Printer DestructTPDtTotal Program DiagnosticTPDtTriple Pack DecimalTPDHtTell Programmer to Do it HimselfTPFtTurn Power oFfTPNtTurn Power oNTPOtTurn Power OffTPRtTear PapeRTRtTurn into RubbishTRAtTe Rdls Arvs [type ridiculous abbreviations]TRDtTRansfer and Drop bitTSHtTrap Secretary and HaltTSMtTrap Secretary and MountTSTtTrash System TracksTT%CNtTeleType (em Clunk NoiseTT%EKBtTeleType (em Electrify KeyBoardTTAtTry, Try AgainTTIHLICtTry To Imagine How Little I CareTTITTtTurn 2400 foot Tape Into Two 1200 foot TapesTTLtTap Trunk LineTTLtTime To LogoffTYFtTrust Your FeelingsUAtUnload AccumulatorUAItUse Alternate Instruction setUAPA(AM)tUse All Power Available (And More)UCBtUncouple CPU and BranchUCIPtUpdate Card In PlaceUCKtUnlock Console KeyswitchUCLBtUncouple Comm Lines and BranchUCMtUncouple CoMm lines and branchUCPUBtUncouple CPUs and BranchUDRtUpdate and Delete RecordUERtUpdate and Erase RecordUFOtUnidentified Flag OperationULDAtUnLoaD AccumulatorUMRtUnlock Machine RoomUNPDtUNPlug and DumpUOPtUseless OPerationUPtUnderstand Program[mer]UPAtUse all Power AvailableUPCtUnderstand Program[mer]"s CommentsUPItUndo Previous InstructionURBtUpdate, Resume and BranchUTFtUnwind Tape onto FloorUTFtUse The ForceUUBRtUse Undefined Base RegisterVAXtViolate All eXecutionsVFEtViolate Field EngineerVFOtViolate Female OperatorVMAtViolate Maintenance AgreementVNOtViolate Noise OrdinanceVPAtVanishing Point ArithmeticVVMtVaporize Virtual MemoryWADtWalk Away in DisgustWATtWAste TimeWBBtWrite to the Bit BucketWBTtWater Binary TreeWCtWaste CoreWCRtWrite to Card ReaderWDRtWarp disk DRiveWEDtWrite and Erase DataWEMGtWrite Eighteen Minute GapWFtWait ForeverWGPBtWrite Garbage in Process-control BlockWHFOtWait until Hell Freezes OverWHPtWave Hands over ProgramWItWhy ImmediateWItWrite IllegiblyWIDtWrite Invalid DataWMCtWrite Millions of CommentsWNAMtWe Need A MiracleWNHRtWrite New Hit RecordWNRtWrite Noise RecordWPtWrite PoopWPETtWrite Past End of TapeWPMtWrite Programmer"s MindWSEtWrite Stack EverywhereWSWWtWork in Strange and Wondrous WaysWUPOtWad Up Printer OutputWWLRtWrite Wrong Length RecordWWRtWrite Wrong RecordXXIOteXecute Invalid OpcodeXXKFteXecute Kermit the FrogXXMteXclusive MaybeXXMBteXclusive MayBeXXOHteXecute no-Op and HangXXORteXecute OpeRatorXXOSteXchange Operator"s SexXXPRteXecute PRogrammerXXPSWteXecute Program Status WordXXSPteXecute Systems ProgrammerXXVFteXchange Virtue for FunYABtYet Another BugYASEtYet Another Stupid ErrorZAPtZero and Add PackedZARtZero Any RegisterZDtZap DirectoryZEOWtZero Every Other WordZPItZaP Immediate

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