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A collection of wonderful pictures of funny cats and kittens.

Singing Cats

Singing Cats: We have set up our own Cat"s Choir



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A poem to aMeows you . . .

Gray Thrums by Clara Doty Bates Why do you look at me in that forlorn way? Are you cold and hungry in this winter"s day? Why do you gaze with tears in your clear green eyes, They are so translucent under the matching skies. You look so familiar, like someone I know, But sadly, last year, he had to go. He burrowed deep into my heart, Made me cry when we had to part. He invaded my home, when he had no right, Yet I had to give in to those eyes so bright. They were like yours, a pearly green, With the deepest aura that I"ve seen. He did things wrong but I didn"t mind, The will to throw him out, I couldn"t find, He wasn"t perfect, and I liked him for that, And I tried to correct him as we sat. But he was so stubborn, so determined and willed, I dearly missed his encouragement when he was killed. Are you his spirit, here to haunt me again? And die once more and cause me pain? Well, if him you cannot be, Why do you look as if you know me? And the night we met, he too, was ragged and thin, Miserable and abused near the garbage bin. If you think I would adopt and care for you, And then rear you up faithful and true, Then only to lose another life once again, You"re right, so don"t just stand there, come on in!

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